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Storm Damage

As most homeowners can attest to, the family home is the single most valuable possession and typically the largest investment. When that home is damage by a snow storm, high winds, or microburst resulting hail damage, recovering the maximum amount of money needed to repair or replace the damaged property or business will certainly be the biggest challenge one could ever undertake. Understanding the insurance claim process or working with someone who does can make the difference of recovering what you should under your policy.

A storm can bring many scope and coverage uncertainties.  What’s the post-storm condition of your roof? Are there any special exclusions or deductibles to worry about?  Then, does your insurance company owe to match shingles and siding? Do you have building code coverage? Is there interior water damage as a result of the damage to your roof? Storm damage can be very subtle and easy to miss. Unlike the insurance company’s adjuster, we are there to find damages even where you may not expect it. We will make sure that you get the full benefit of your insurance coverage and we won’t stop until you are satisfied.

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