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About Braccia Adjusting LLC

For years, I was a successful contractor fighting for my clients after tragedy struck their homes and lives. It was a very stressful and difficult process, especially because I had no legal rights to help my clients. Throughout my career I learned to read and understand the policy language, and realized my clients were paying for policies that covered much more than they were being told by their insurance companies – something that happens to way too many people each year.

Having spent my life in commercial and residential construction, I also knew exactly what these homes needed in order to be whole again. Unfortunately, I had no legal way to help at that time. That’s why I chose to pursue a career as a public adjuster.

Braccia Adjusting LLC was founded to help those who have been denied insurance coverage, or who have been offered insufficient funds to cover the costs of damage repair. We work solely on your behalf, against the insurance company, to evaluate your policy and determine how much coverage you are actually qualified for. Give us a call today for your free evaluation – you may be surprised.
-Christopher Braccia., Braccia Adjusting LLC


Chris Braccia of Braccia Adjusting LLC is a Connecticut Native from Shelton, CT.  He is our CEO and lead adjuster.  Advocating for the public is his passion. 

He attended Christian Heritage School in Trumbull, CT and The University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT, in which he obtained a B.A. in Political Science.

Following his undergraduate career, Chris hopped right into the home remodeling industry, becoming a top sales representative at the first two companies he worked for. The third home remodeling company he worked for dealt with insurance restoration, in which Chris was the sales and restoration manager, becoming very well versed in the insurance side of the business. 


Chris knew from early on in his career while working for home remodeling companies that the average individual was being taken advantage of by big insurance.  After going through a personal and stressful process he realized that Insurance companies were overcharging and under delivering what they promised to their clients.  Chris has, since 2016, made it his mission to developing a unique and unmatched skill set to represent his clients.  A skill set that will get you the money that you deserve.

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