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Contents Inventory

The policyholder has the burden of preparing, documenting and proving their claim. Often times, the contents portion of the claim can be the most time-consuming and frustrating. It starts with separating salvageable from unsalvageable, or destroyed, contents. Then decisions need to be made as to how to handle the salvageable contents.

If a contents claim is not coordinated correctly in the beginning, it may not be until you are back home and unpacked before you realize all of the damages and, by then, it can be very difficult to prove.

We have the very best contents adjusters in the business on staff. Our contents adjusters will spend dozens of hours sifting through and photographing your damaged contents. They will prepare a comprehensive list of your damaged items, with incredible detail, and then research prices and provide support. When our clients see our inventories, they usually remark that they never knew that they had so much. Due to the amount of work and hours necessary, people often, shortchange themselves when preparing their own contents inventories.

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