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Mold Damage

Mold damage that occurs as a result of flooding, a broken pipe or other water-related issues can affect your health and your property without your knowledge. If you have mold damage, it is important to engage a public adjuster who understands the fine print in your policy and how you can assemble the right types of documentation to get your mold claim settled fairly.

Mold damage occurs in moist, dark areas of your home or commercial property. As mold spreads, it can release spores that pollute the air and make their way into air ducts, triggering allergic reactions in sensitive people. Mold in homes can cause a variety of other serious health issues, and is the enemy of a home’s structure. It tends to affect wood in much the same way as termite damage, weakening the structure of the building.

Mold is a live fungus, and it naturally breaks down the dead tissues of organic materials. In nature, mold is an important part of the ecosystem, digesting dead matter and returning it to the soil as food for new plant and animal life. Mold in the home, however, is not quite as friendly.

Mold can be found in just about any home, and there is no way to completely eradicate it.

Treatment consists of keeping all areas of your home as dry as possible, and killing existing mold to prevent it from spreading.

Mold will continue to grow in any moist areas. It will spread in bathrooms, carpeting, a damp basement, the wood inside walls of your home, compost piles and rotting grass or wood outside.

Ask companies for references, and do some Internet research to educate yourself on the types of mold you might have and the proper removal processes. This will prepare you for your discussions with professionals.

Insurance companies have a vested interest in paying the least amount possible on a claim. They know that the homeowner does not have enough expertise to understand the extent of the damage, the costs to repair it, the proper way to document the damage, or the hidden limitations in their insurance policy.

That’s where Braccia Adjusting LLC can help. We act as an advocate for residential and commercial property owners, helping you get the most money that is appropriate for your claim. We work closely with attorneys, engineers and building contractors to accurately assess your home’s damages and provide credible evidence in the event your claim ends up in court.

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